In manyt cases, less than 1 percent of active ingredients reaches deep into the skin that's blocked by the skin barrier.

This special Nano Rejuvenation Peptide Silk Mask works with our Iontophoresis Device System. The system helps to carry the nutrients past the pores and deep into skin. Active ingredients can be united with cells deep inside the skin, permeating the skin layers and enhancing skin absorption.
The mask has multi layers of silk cloth that is similar to real skin. It hydrates the skin making it soft and supple. It also improves skin elasticity and firmness. It also helps to reduce sensitivity of skin.

Iontophoresis Devise System helps in the following:

   * Liposome                * Improves skin elasticity & firmness
   * Technology Lon Infusion        * Build & restore skin texture
   * Hydrating Increase            * Skin self-repaired function
   * Rejuvenate Skin            * Reduce allergies & sensitivities
   * Enhance Skin Absorption        * Active protection


*This item comes with Complimentary Handheld RF Photon Cosmetology*


Nano Rejuvenation Peptide Device + Silk Mask (5Pcs)

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  • 1)    Cleanse entire face thoroughly.
    2)     Spread Nano Rejuvenation mask evenly and affix to the entire face, avoiding         the eye and mouth areas.
    3)     The back part of clip should stick on the face.
    4)     Connect device to the mask with dry hands (connect the electrode cables         to the main body, the clip part of mask, and the electrode pads. DO NOT place near to your heart space).
    5)     Select the desired power intensity and then press the start button.
    6)     After use: separate the electrode line from the clip part of mask, and then         lift-off the mask from top to bottom of face.
    7)     Massage gently so that the remaining essence can be absorbed onto the face.